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Protect Your Families Legacy

There’s no better time than now to plan for your family’s financial future. Did you know that 1 in 3 people do not have Life Insurance? And research shows that those that do, do not have enough coverage or are paying too much.

With access to hundreds of life policies, let us do the shopping and find the best available option for your health and budget.

There are many uses for life insurance beyond leaving a tax-free legacy for your loved ones.

  • Social Security and Income Replacement

    • Protect your family and loved ones by structuring a life policy to replace your income in case of the unexpected.

    • Did you know that if a spouse passes, the living spouse only gets to keep one of the social security checks? There are policies that will replace that monthly checks for a few years or set up for a lump-sum.

  • Emergency Funds

    • If you have an emergency and need money, the cash in your policy can be used.

    • Tax-free income: You will not pay taxes on the cash used from your life policy.

    • Sick or Hurt: There are programs that will make the premium payments for you if you can’t work.

  • Save for College, Retirement or Any Other Goals

    • The growth in life insurance can actually beat out some of the best investments available in terms of growth.

    • Built in flexibility: you decide when you need to access the available funds.

  • For Small Business Owners: Are you taking advantage of the 162 IRS Code?

    • Get deductions on your business taxes by running your life insurance through your business.

  • Mortgage Protection

    • With a decreasing term life policy, you can cover the amount of your mortgage so if the unexpected happens, your mortgage will get paid off. Don’t leave the stress of making mortgage payments to your loved ones.

For additional information about the life insurance products click the link below:

Life Insurance: Packages
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